Lightning Vending Solutions

The leading vending service company in East Malaysia, established since 2012, offers wide range of vending machines and fine equipment, services and products covering Sabah, Sarawak and other places.

Who is Lightning Vending Solutions?

Vending machine distributor

Vending machine distributor

Lightning Vending Solutions distributes wide range of vending machines, including brand new as well as reconditioned vending machines. Lightning Vending Solutions also provide tailor (customization) services to customers who have special requests on the machines’ functions, outlook and more.
Vending operator

Vending operator

Lightning Vending Solutions is the largest vending operator in Sabah. Lightning Vending Solutions provides vending machines services to many places including schools, government premises, hospitals, hotels and more. Up till now, Lightning Vending Solutions operates more than 300 units of vending machines covering whole Sabah & Sarawak.
Vending machine service center

Vending machine service center

Lightning Vending Solutions owns a “Vending Machine Service Centre” in Kota Kinabalu, specialize in repair and servicing all brands and all types of vending machines.
Vending business consultant

Vending business consultant

Lightning Vending Solutions also assists customers to start up their vending business by providing packages with machines and locations ready, products supplies, machine trainings, consultations, technical supports and other aftersale services.
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Other Services

Customize and personalize vending machine for customers

Customize self-service retail store for customers

Vending machine training

Vending machines repair and maintenance

What do we offer

Advance & Trendy Vending Machines

From time to time, we introduce different types of advance and trendy vending machines from worldwide to the market


We provide tailor (customization) services to customers who have special requests on the machines’ functions, outlook and more

Technical supports

We provide ongoing technical supports (eg repair & maintenance services) to our customers after the purchase of vending machines